XYLIPUR® X-Gum natural licorice dental care chewing gum 40g

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NEW: XYLIPUR® X-Gum - natural - licorice 40g. Chewing gum with maximum xylitol and natural chewing base (Chickle). Bag made of 80% renewable resources. Licorice taste experience. Naturally sweetened only with xylitol, no aspartame, sorbitol, etc. Tooth-saving, sugar-free chewing gum contributes to the neutralization of the acids of the plaque. Provides more variety in the dental care! In resealable zip bag. Ideal for traveling. Top quality at a great price.


  • Maximum xylitol concentration (71% of total weight)
  • natural, natural chewing base without the use of fossil raw materials
  • compostable
  • Bags made from 80% renewable resources.
  • Paper FSC® certified.
  • environmentally friendly printing inks.
  • no aspartame, no sorbitol - only 100% xylitol sweetened
  • delicious licorice flavor
  • Gentle, sugar-free chewing gum helps to neutralize the plaque acids

Xylishop says, "X-Gum Natural licorice stands for maximum xylitol content with no added sweeteners, minimal list of ingredients and a uniquely delicious recipe." Finally chew without a guilty conscience. "

Ingredients: With sweeteners: Xylitol *, Gum Base: Chickle **, natural flavor, gum arabic.

* Finland, ** Juice from the pulp apple tree




976 Kj / 233 kcal


hereof: saturated fatty acids

0 g

0 g


of which sugars


70 g

0 g

70 g

dietary fiber

0,43 g


0 g


0 g

Note: Children under the age of three should not use chewing gum as is a high choking hazard in this age group. May be laxative when consumed excessively.

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