Miradent Xylit Kaugummi Melone 30 Stck., TIO2frei

Product no.: 20090310

Miradent chewing gum melon, 30g = 30 gums, 100% xylitol / xylitol dental care chewing gum in a practical storage tube. Flavor without menthol: melon, no aspartame, no sorbitol. PH neutralizing.
Xylishop says: "The tried and tested type of chewing gum from Miradent. The new type of melon also fully meets the high expectations. The taste was good and lasts on average. The new Miradent are also made without titanium dioxide."
Ingredients: With sweetener: xylitol, chewing mass, aroma, acidity regulator: malic acid, citric acid, color: calcium carbonate, thickener: gum arabic, humectant: glycerine, emulsifier: soy lecithin, coating agent: carnabuwax
Allergen subject to labeling: soy lecithin
Note: Children under three years of age should not consume chewing gum, as there is a high risk of suffocation from chewing gum in this age group. Can have a laxative effect if consumed excessively. Country of origin: Not EU.


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Miradent Xylit Kaugummi Melone 30 Stck., TIO2frei