Faire Milch-Schokolade mit Erythrit Xylipur 48% Kakao, 60g

Product no.: 20090281

Fair Milk Chocolate from XYLIPUR® without added sugar. 60g bar for the finest premium chocolate enjoyment. This chocolate consists of 48% best Colombian cocoa, which was bought on fair terms without intermediate trade. In this way, health care, schools and people's living conditions in general can be improved in the region. This perfectly crafted chocolate tastes mild and chocolaty. It is sweetened solely by erythritol zero and stevia extracts.

Xylishop says: "The fine cocoa" Fino de Aroma "used in this milk chocolate is bought directly in Colombia - at a price that is up to 10 times higher than at other - often African - middlemen who spend very little money on the The higher sums allow children of cocoa farmers to go to school, eat healthier and benefit from the health system, and parents can also learn how to grow and refine their cocoa Last but not least, the better quality of the cocoa. XYLIPUR® chocolate is sweetened with erythritol zero instead of xylitol in order to avoid the 'coolness' of xylitol. The result is very, very delicious - and just 'fair', -) ".
Ingredients: With sweeteners: (erythritol, steviol glycoside), cocoa butter, cocoa mass, full roll of MILK powder (18%), emulsifier: lecithin (sunflower)
May contain soy, hazelnuts and almonds.


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Faire Milch-Schokolade mit Erythrit Xylipur 48% Kakao, 60g