XYLIPUR® Birkenzucker light - Kalorienreduziert* 450g

Product no.: 20090269

Birch sugar light, the calorie-reduced alternative to birch sugar. Finnish xylitol powder from sustainable forestry and premium erythritol from France in perfect composition. Excellent taste thanks to the best ingredients. Nurturing tooth. Top quality at a reasonable price. 100% vegetable, grain approx. Comparable to table sugar. 500g sealed sturdy paper composite bag: resealable. GMO-free, certified, vegan. Production ingredients in accordance with the GMO. Gluten-free: No ingredients according to Alba list
Best quality from Finland * / France
* From sustainable forestry
100% planned
XYLIPUR® birch sugar light sweetens food and drinks like sugar
Xylitol raises after eating in humans, the blood sugar levels less than sweetened with sugar foods and drinks
Consuming foods and drinks that contain xylitol instead of sugar helps maintain dental re-mineralization
Certified and GMO-free (NonGMO)
40% less calories
Glycemic index: 7-11

Ingredients: With sweeteners: xylitol *, erythritol **
* from Finland, ** France. In Germany bottled by Xyba natural products

Nutrition Facts  100g:  



118 kcal


davon gesättigte Fettsäuren

0 g

0 g


davon Zucker

davon mehrwertige Alkohole

100 g

0 g

100 g


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0 g

Store dry and cool.

Note: May be laxative when consumed excessively


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XYLIPUR® Birkenzucker light - Kalorienreduziert* 450g