BIG-BOX Xylipur® BIO ZERO 100% - 0 Kal Tafelsuesse 4,5Kg

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BIG BOX XYLIPUR® ZERO - Spreadable table sweetener with 100% erythritol 4,5kg. The natural sweetness from nature. Organic ZERO replaces conventional sugar in muesli, yoghurt, drinks, cakes, dishes, ice cream, desserts etc. and completely without calories *. The fine grain allows accurate dosing. Organic ZERO is not an artificial sweetener but made according to ecological guidelines to 100% of high-quality erythritol (also erythritol).
In addition to calories * still save on the price.
Product features
Sweeten dishes, desserts, cakes and more
Free flowing fine grain
Organic, vegan, 100% vegetable
Gentle dental
Sweetness about 70% compared to table sugar
Glycemic index: approx. 0
Delivered in resealable and sturdy bucket. The bucket can be used after use. Good storage even when the lid is open. Nevertheless, we recommend closing the bucket after use and keeping it dry.
Calories: The Glycemic Index of Bio ZERO Table Sweets is 0 *. (Http:// The influence on the insulin level is therefore very low: it is 1.8. (In comparison: xylitol: 9.9, reference maltodextrin = 100).
Tooth friendly: It is often forgotten, but with the 0 Cal * quality, Bio ZERO table cutters also have tooth preserving properties.
Application: In the kitchen and at the table as a sugar substitute for baking and cooking. From now on, replace sugar frequently with organic ZERO table slices and naturally save calories.
Ingredients: With sweeteners: Erythritol *
* DE-ÖKO-037
Nutritional information per 100g: Nutrition facts per 100 g:
Energy 0 Kj / 0 kcal
fat: 0g
hereof: saturated fatty acids: 0g
carbohydrates: 100g
of which sugars: 0g
erythritol:  100 g
dietary fiber: 0 g
protein: 0 g
salt: 0 g
Notes: May be laxative if consumed excessively.


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BIG-BOX Xylipur® BIO ZERO 100% - 0 Kal Tafelsuesse 4,5Kg