XYLIPUR® X-Gum natural Frucht - Chicle Zahnpflegekaugummi 40g

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NEW: Chicle XYLIPUR® X-Gum natural tooth chewing gum - fruit 40g. Chewing gum with maximum xylitol content and natural chewing base (chicle) without mineral oil and plastic.

Fruity taste experience. Naturally sweetened only with xylitol, no aspartame, sorbitol, etc. Tooth-saving, sugar-free chewing gum contributes to the neutralization of the acids of the plaque. Provides more variety in the dental care! In resealable zip bag made of 80% renewable resources. Ideal for traveling. Unique quality at a great price.


Xylishop says, "Already the majas knew chicle, the juice of sapotenous plants, which became chewed like chewing gum. In X-Gum natural, the chicle base is improved by gum arabic and combined with the tooth-care properties of xylitol. No dyes or other additives were used. For us the optimal chewing gum: sustainable and still delicious."

Ingredients: With sweeteners: Xylitol *, Gum Base: Chicle **, natural flavor, gum arabic.

* Finland, ** Juice from the pulp apple tree



526 Kj / 126 kcal


hereof: saturated fatty acids

0 g

0 g


of which sugars


70 g

0 g

70 g

dietary fiber

0,43 g


0 g


0 g

Note: Children under the age of three should not use chewing gum as is a high choking hazard in this age group. May be laxative when consumed excessively.


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XYLIPUR® X-Gum natural Frucht - Chicle Zahnpflegekaugummi 40g

XYLIPUR® X-Gum natural Frucht - Chicle Zahnpflegekaugummi 40g