Bio Xylit Sticks XYLIPUR® - 240 g = ca 60 Sticks aus kbA biologischem Anbau

Bio Xylit Sticks XYLIPUR® -  240 g = ca 60 Sticks aus kbA biologischem Anbau
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Manufacturer: Xylipur
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2,89 EUR per 100 g
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Products description

Ca. 60 organic xylitol sticks 4 g each = 240 g of organic xylitol. Our popular organic xylitol from certified organic farming. In Best XYLIPUR® quality. 100% vegetable and GMO-free. Grain approximately comparable to table sugar. Vegan. Production ingredients in accordance with the GMO. Gluten-free: No ingredients according to Alba list

XYLIPUR® organic quality
100% planned, vegan
sweetens food and drinks 1: 1 like sugar
After consumption in humans, xylitol raises blood sugar levels less than sugar-sweetened foods and drinks
Consuming foods and drinks that contain xylitol instead of sugar helps to maintain dental re-mineralization
40% less calories
Glycemic index: 7-11
XYLIPUR® Bio Xylit Sticks are always there: in the handbag, in the café, in the kitchen, on the Berghof or for the Strandcappuchino. For dental care in between or to sweeten drinks. The sticks look good in any situation, look great and the xylitol has all the benefits of Xylipur organic xylitol. Ideal for carefree enjoyment in baking, cooking and sweetening delicious sweets.

The organic quality is guaranteed by our organic certification body. XYLIPUR® Organic Xylitol is granular like traditional saccarose sugar and can be dispensed just as comfortably. This is how your baking and cooking recipes succeed especially easily. For XYLIPUR® Bio Xylit we only use selected qualities with round sweetening power.

XYLIPUR® Bio Xylitol - also commonly called "birch sugar" - is one of the sugar alcohols, is a natural sugar substitute and is found in practically all plants. Xylitol is extracted from xylose (wood sugar). Its special formula C5H12O5 contributes to the fact that the acid in the mouth is largely neutralized. Acid damages tooth enamel and can lead to tooth decay. In addition, the enamel is remineralized. Many other positive attributes have been attributed to xylitol over the past 30 years. Xylitol is formed in the metabolism of the human body itself and is therefore 'known' to the human body.

Xylishop says: "Organic quality in handy stick portions, ideal for gastronmie or for the long-term need in the favorable advantage pack."

Ingredients: With sweetener: xylitol *

* certified organically grown, certified by the Ökop Certification GmbH.

Nutritional information per 100g  



976 Kj / 233 kcal


hereof: saturated fatty acids

0 g

0 g


of which sugars

of which polyhydric alcohols

100 g

0 g

100 g

dietary fiber

0 g


0 g


0 g

Store dry and cool.

Note: May be laxative if consumed excessively.

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