3xVorteil Xylitol Zähnchen® Minze Orange Zitrone - 450g Zahnpflege Bonbons

3xVorteil Xylitol Zähnchen® Minze Orange Zitrone - 450g Zahnpflege Bonbons
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Manufacturer: Xylipur
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Set of 3 bigpacks Zähnchen® with box: 3 x 150g in the flavors orange, lemon-lime, mint. With 100% natural premium xylitol and aromas from natural cultivation *. 1.4g xylitol per Zähnchen®. As a tooth smiley, these candies are a hit with young and old. They take care of the teeth and taste. Xylipur Zähnchen® - best ingredients - maximum taste. Set price.
Product advantages:
  • A total of 450g of the best dental care sweets made from 100% vegetable xylitol * (* made in Finland from sustainable forestry)
  • 3 types, selected aromas from organic
  • no additives such as magnesium fats, gum arabic, etc.
  • vegan
  • Maximum possible xylitol concentration without binders and other sweeteners through a special manufacturing process
  • Consuming foods and beverages that contain xylitol instead of sugar helps maintain tooth remineralization
  • Mild formula without citric acid
  • Increase in saliva production (if the mouth is dry)
  • Ideal addition after brushing your teeth ('toothbrush on the go')
  • Made in Germany
  • Effect: The maximum possible concentration of xylitol has an optimal dental effect.
Use: Let the candy melt slowly in your mouth after every meal and the last brushing of your teeth. Let saliva flow through the rows of teeth.

Ingredients by variety:
Orange: With sweetener: xylitol *, orange oil (from organic DE-001 organic inspection body), vitamin C, beta carotene.
Lemon-lime: With sweetener: Xylitol *, lemon juice and lemon oil from the peel (DE-001 organic inspection body) / Lime oil from the skin (DE-013 organic inspection body)
Mint: With sweetener: xylitol *, mint oil (from organic DE-013 organic inspection body)
* Made in Finland from sustainable forestry
Nutritional values per 100g  



976 Kj / 233 kcal


hereof: saturated fatty acids

0 g

0 g


of which sugars


99,8 g

0 g

99,8 g

dietary fiber

0 g


0 g


0 g

Note: Can cause laxative consumption. Suitable for children from 3 years. Store dry, dark and cool. * handcrafted sweets: individual form and color deviations are inevitable

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