Halloween Bundle LolliX® Cola, Lakritz Gum und Zähnchen® Orange

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For a short time only: Halloween Bundle with LolliX® Xylit Lollipop Cola, Liquorice X-Gum and Orange Zähnchen from XYLIPUR®.
LolliX Cola: Authentic cola taste. 6 pieces in a bag. X-Gum Laktritz: delicious liquorice chewing gum based on chicle, Zähnchen orange: proven dental care 30g.
The great bundle for every Halloween fan who loves his teeth. It does not contain substances that damage the enamel, colorings, sugar substitutes such as isomalt, sorbitol or mannitol or artificial sweeteners such as aspertame.
  • New LolliX lollipop sweetened with 100% xylitol
  • Taste with an authentic cola note
  • Laktritz Gum alone, sweetened with xylitol without a synthetic chewing base
  • Zähnchen Orange - our proven classic
  • perfect dental care without unnecessary ingredients
  • From our own manufactory in Maisach

Application: The application should be spread over the day and always take place after meals and after brushing your teeth. A long exposure time for the xylitol in the mouth is an advantage.
Ingredients: LolliX Cola: With sweetener: Xylitol *, natural flavor **, biochar ***
               * made in Finland, ** caffeine-free, *** non-staining for teeth
Ingredients: Licorice Gum: With sweeteners: Xylitol *, Gum Base: Chickle **, natural flavor, gum arabic
               * made in Finland, ** mineral oil free
Ingredients: Toothed orange: With sweeteners: xylitol *, orange oil **, vitamin C, beta carotene
                * made in Finland, ** from controlled cultivation
Manufactured by XYLIPUR® Manufaktur Germany
Note: Can have a laxative effect if consumed in excess. Suitable for children from 3 years of age who can suck. Store dry, cool and protected from light. * Due to the elaborate manual production, individual shape and color deviations are inevitable
Note: May be laxative if consumed excessively. Suitable for children from 3 years, who can suck. Store dry, cool and protected from light. * Due to the elaborate hand production individual shape and color deviations are inevitable

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